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Why Partner with the Professionals at Palmetto Kitchen and Bath Center?

It is an attractive notion: taking on everything that goes into a bathroom remodeling yourself, being able to look at the final product, and saying, “I did that! That’s all me!” Unfortunately, what often seems like a journey into the discovery of your inner handyperson can also result in a mess that looks cheap and wears out quickly, staring you in the face for years as if to say, “You did this! This is all you!”

Palmetto Kitchen & Bath Center in Dania Beach is here to help! Even if you don’t decide to use our professional planning and installation services, you should be fully prepared to tackle the common obstacles experienced by homeowners doing it themselves. Before you start tearing up tiles and picking out grout colors, be sure to consider these important considerations.

Keep in mind, the bathroom is a “wet” room. The toilet, shower, sink, and tub are all places where a DYI remodeling can go devastatingly wrong. It is not easy to completely waterproof a bathroom without having a background in remodeling. Failing to waterproof the area can lead to structural damage, which leads to a depreciation of your new bathroom, vulnerability to mold and mildew growth, and even a higher likelihood of termites.

Do you know if the waterproofing membrane is compatible with the substrate and adhesive you are using? Do you know the waterproofing curing times to reduce errors? You can protect yourself from higher utility bills and costly water damage repairs by working with the experts at Palmetto Kitchen and Bath.

Fixture Layout
One of the biggest considerations when deciding to DIY a bathroom remodel is whether or not to replace your old tub, shower, toilet, and sink. Moving them or replacing them, doing it right can make or break your project.

No matter what size the space is, having the correct layout for your bathroom remodel is essential. Is there a better layout than what your current fixture placement offers? Now is the time to make that decision. Be sure to take accurate measurements of the current fixtures, as you will want to have ample space to perform normal activities and have room for the door to open and close. Small considerations like these are tremendously important when putting together your plan.

Long before the recent quarantine, wearing a mask has always been important when doing bathroom remodels, mostly because there’s an excellent chance you will find mold when tearing up tile or breaking through the drywall. It is also pretty common to run into asbestos and other harmful substances, especially if your home was built previous to 1984. Asbestos and mold are both commonly found in bathroom walls, under flooring and in ceilings. Both are dangerous to inhale, so if you discover either of them while renovating, you should immediately call a licensed expert to handle its removal.

When an Expense becomes an Investment (or a Loss)
The costs of a bathroom remodel can increase significantly when it involves new plumbing, new fixtures, new flooring, and more. While most of this money will end up back in your pocket (as most bathroom remodeling costs are recouped during resale – when done correctly), many homeowners try to save money by taking on the bathroom renovation themselves. Unfortunately, not everyone is a handyperson. Many of us would like to believe we are, while even more of us know for a fact that we are not. Others still know what they are doing but have no interest in messing with things like electricity or plumbing, mostly because they know full well how badly things can go wrong. 

Consider these and other points before starting a project that may ultimately get away from you. There’s no shame in admitting you might not have the time, tools, or subject-matter expertise to completely remodel a bathroom on your own because the results of not admitting that before starting may be more expensive than had you worked with professionals from the beginning.

If you want a truly custom bathroom tailored to your every want and need, anywhere in South Florida, call Palmetto Kitchen & Bath Center now at (954) 251-2590, and let’s get started!

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