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A nicely remodeled kitchen

When to Sell Your Home and When to Remodel the Kitchen

Craving change is normal and something many homeowners go through. But, getting bored of your home, particularly the kitchen, doesn’t mean you need to jump to selling your home. Instead, you can undergo kitchen remodeling in Miami. With remodeling, you can have everything a new home will offer you without having to go through the selling and buying process. And with the help of Palmetto Kitchen & Bath Center, you can rest assured that your new and improved kitchen will have the stylish finishes you want. Our team brings your kitchen vision to life. But, before you make a decision, follow along to see if selling your home or remodeling is the right decision for you.

Evaluate the Remodeling Return on Investment

When deciding if remodeling is the right decision for you, you want to find your return on investment is. Now, this is tricky to figure out sometimes because every remodeling job is different. Someone who only upgrades the countertops might not see the same return on investment as someone who upgrades every aspect of the kitchen, including appliances. It all depends. However, an excellent place to start is seeing other similar-sized and quality homes in the area cost. Then, evaluate the kitchen and see if it’s similar to yours or upgraded. If they sell for more and have an upgraded kitchen, it might be beneficial to remodel. But, if they have a modern kitchen and the value isn’t too much more, selling could be the better choice.

Look at Other Rooms in the Home

We also recommend looking at other rooms in your house. Do you dislike the style or way they look? Is the layout meeting your needs? If the kitchen is the only room in your home that you find yourself bored of or disliking, it might be better to remodel. Remodeling can change the look of the kitchen and complete your home. But, if you find yourself bored of your entire house and need a change in many forms, then selling is likely your best bet. If you find yourself in a half and half situation, where you like some parts of your home and dislike other parts, it all comes down to other factors that we will mention. Here at Palmetto Kitchen & Bath Center, we know how difficult the decision is and try our best to make your life easier.

Consider the Time Spent on Remodeling and Selling

Both remodeling and selling your home is a lengthy process. But, like anything, it all depends on many factors. For instance, remodeling the entire could take a year or more, but remodeling the kitchen may only take weeks or months, depending on what you get done. When selling a home, it could take weeks or years. It also depends on what price you want for the home and what type of market it is. The question to ask yourself is if you want to have a set-in-stone amount of time via remodeling. Or an up in the air amount of time with selling. Keep in mind that with kitchen remodeling in Miami, Palmetto Kitchen & Bath Center can let you know how much time the remodeling process will take. After we understand what changes you want to make, we can give you a time estimate.

Consider Functionality

Another factor you want to look at is if your home needs a new kitchen for functionality reasons with preference ones. For instance, if you notice the counters and cabinets are chipped or do not have the space you need, it might be a quick fix that remodeling can offer you. But, if you dislike every aspect of the kitchen, from the paint color, appliance to the cabinets, you might simply crave something entirely new. If that’s the case, you will want to consider selling your home and looking for a new one.

Talk About Your Remodeling Needs with Our Team

Kitchen remodeling is an excellent way to spice up your kitchen without getting rid of the home you love. Visit the Palmetto Kitchen & Bath Center website to learn more about kitchen remodeling in Miami. Or, feel free to contact us today at (954) 251-2590 to get started on your kitchen remodeling process.

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