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Why Wait for Black Friday? Do it now! 10×10 Kitchens Starting at $4995!

The holidays are right around the corner, and if there’s one thing more exciting than thanksgiving and all the upcoming holiday festivities, is the idea of having your home look as beautiful and inviting as ever, an embodying the Christmas spirit. You’ve been waiting for a long time to remodel your kitchen, and now feels like the right time, huh? We’re no fools here! We know you’ve been waiting for thanksgiving to come, not only for the delicious food and the family time, but also because black Friday is just days ahead. However, with Palmetto Kitchen & Bath, we say: why wait for black Friday? Do it now, 10×10 kitchens starting at $4995! Give your kitchen the makeover you’ve been dreaming about, today! 

The kitchen is undoubtedly one of the most important spaces of your home on any given day, but it’s particularly important and a place of overwhelming joy when it comes to the holiday festivities. Thanksgiving and the holidays are all about gatherings, fun and memorable times with family and friends, and the exquisite food at the center of your table. The kitchen of course being elemental when it comes to the preparation of your holiday meal, needs to be in optimal conditions. At Palmetto Kitchen & Bath, what we like to say is why wait for black Friday? Do it now, 10×10 kitchens starting at $4995!  

Our wonderful staff will guide you every step of the way, providing personalized assistance. There are many components involved in the process of kitchen remodeling. Once you are certain about the modifications you’d like to make, you will have to get down to the nitty gritty and start selecting everything from the materials and colors, to things that will adapt to your budget and that will fit in your kitchen. You don’t want to end up with something that doesn’t feel like it belongs in your kitchen. The 10×10 kitchen layout serves as a blue print. It aids customers in the process of comparing cabinets of various styles, including the colors, materials and prices. This guide is highly useful when making selections for your kitchen remodeling project. It will help orient you as to what will ultimately work best both for your kitchen and for your budget. So, why wait for black Friday? Do it now, 10×10 kitchens starting at $4995! 

Want to Remodel your Kitchen? Why Wait? Do it Now, 10×10 Kitchens Starting at $4995! 

At Palmetto Kitchen & Bath, we are passionate about providing exceptional customer service. We’re also dedicated to offering the latest design trends, customization opportunities and plans for every budget there is. If you’re wanting to remodel your kitchen, why wait for black Friday? Do it now, 10×10 kitchens starting at $4995! Just contact Palmetto Kitchen & Bath Center at (954) 251-2590, for more information on prices, hours of operation, and other services available. Your kitchen will look fabulous by the time we’re done!

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