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Kitchen with brown cabinets

Top Three Reasons for Summer Kitchen Remodeling in Miami

Luxurious kitchens are part of what makes Miami, Miami. There’s a standard for South Florida homes that is unrivaled. Kitchen remodeling in Miami is quite common. Homeowners want a sleek, contemporary design that is popular today.

Prepare to Sell After Kitchen Remodeling in Miami

Summer is the perfect time to start a kitchen remodeling project, and here are three reasons why:

Summer is a slower season for South Florida, especially for Miami. For homeowners looking to sell, it’s best to have kitchen construction and repairs over with by the time the seasons pick back up. One of the most popular times to buy in Miami is during the winter. Also, a kitchen plays a big part in the sales process. Kitchens are becoming the gathering place of a house. Therefore, buyers pay quite a bit of attention to their detail and functionality, their decor, and their appliances. Having a brand new kitchen ready to move into is a big reason to buy.

Summer Time Means Down Time

Remodeling requires a lot of time. Renovation in the summer ensures that parents will have more time on their hands, especially without games, school, plays, etc. Ripping apart a kitchen also means that there won’t be a refrigerator for a while, so the timing to make-over without the need for school lunches can save time, money, and stress.

Vacation Please

During a remodel, the last place a homeowner will want to be is home, especially if there is a project manager. Summer is the perfect time to take a well deserved, extended vacation to a dream destination. To do so, however, homeowners will need a kitchen renovation company they can trust. Luckily, Palmetto Kitchen and Bath Remodeling are available to handle any size job quickly and efficiently.

If you’re contemplating kitchen remodeling in Miami, do so this summer with Palmetto Kitchen and Bath Remodeling on your side. Their team is certified in luxurious makeovers, offering the latest design trends and unique customization. The experts at Palmetto Kitchen understands that every individual has a different budget, which is why they work with you to help you find the perfect balance between affordability and beauty. Don’t wait for the schedule to get busy again, call Palmetto Kitchen and Bath Remodeling today at 954-251-2590 for the kitchen of your dreams.

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