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Are you Thinking of Selling your Home? Here’s your Guide to Remodeling for Resale?

Out with the old and in with the new. There always comes a time in life where you just feel like its time to take the next big step, in this case, that the next big step in selling your home and trying to get the most money for it. While there are many crucial factors to consider when selling a home, one factor that seems to cause a lot of stress for homeowners is remodeling. Remodeling is a very important part of resale, not only does a new bathroom and kitchen make a house look more presentable, but it also will raise the value of the home. This is huge for most homeowners looking to sell. The kitchen, for example, is arguably one of the more important rooms in a house. Everyone uses the kitchen, it’s a spot that families and individuals use for gatherings, and it’s usually in a part of the house that almost every guest sees. All these factors together can add up to a lot of unnecessary stress for a homeowner looking to sell with a kitchen they don’t feel overly confident about. No need to stress, we have all the tips and tricks to improving a kitchen and bathroom without breaking the budget. These tips and tricks will result in not only an improved kitchen but will get you more money for your property.

The Three Main Parts to Focus on Appliances, Cabinets, and Countertops

All aspects of the kitchen and the bathroom are very important in the remodeling process; however, to improve the value of your house through these two rooms alone, you’re going to want to focus on appliances, cabinets, and countertops. Appliances more so apply to the kitchen, although it is still crucial to have the shower, toilets and sinks up to speed in the bathroom. Your appliances are your refrigerators, ovens, stoves, microwave, range hoods and dishwasher. We know that replacing all of these items with high quality can be costly and time-consuming, which is why we usually recommend stainless steel as a safe bet for raising the value. Unfortunately, many homebuyers will consider outdated appliances a good enough reason to pay significantly less for the property. The most common reasoning behind this is that more modern appliances are more costly, and if the homebuyer is going to have to pay for remodeling after purchasing the house, they feel that they should have some money to do so.

The following appliances are cabinets and countertops. These two parts of a kitchen and bathroom play a huge role in what a potential homebuyer deems is an acceptable price to pay for a house. Modern appliances have the appeal partly due to the aesthetic and partly due to the functionality of them. Cabinets and countertops are similar but have a larger emphasis on aesthetics. We aren’t going to pretend that the look the home isn’t important, because it is. Cabinets and countertops have the power to transform a whole room. This is mainly due to all of the options there are when it comes to customizing them. Some of the more popular countertops these days are granite, marble, and quartz and a few of the big cabinet trends are dark finishes, shaker style, and flat fronts. Now, not every homebuyer is going to expect these modern updates; nonetheless, we still recommend freshly done countertops with no chips or stains. For cabinets, either a fresh coat of paint, done by an expert, or an upgrade to something neutral and smooth. These minor changes can make the appearance of your house go the extra mile in the eyes of a homebuyer.

The look of the kitchen and bathroom are critical but there is one more thing that’s even more pressing than this, who you have remodeled the rooms. The best thing to do is remodeling for resale, the second best thing to do is to use a company that you can trust and will come out and do a quality job. There are too many horror stories of remodeling jobs gone wrong, don’t be one of those horror stories and make the home selling process more stressful, use someone you can trust. The worst thing anyone can do for a remodeling job is to take shortcuts and have to go through it twice. Palmetto Kitchen and Bath Center have you covered on all ends of the design, layout, and installation process. We see the process all the way through and will make sure we work with you within your budget to produce stunning results. Give us a ring today at (954) 251-2590 to discuss what kind of remodeling work we can do for you. Let’s work together and make sure your home gets sold at the best possible price.

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