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A remodeled kitchen with white cabinets

Are You Ready for a New Kitchen in Dania Beach?


Are you sick and tired of your kitchen? Whether your kitchen is too small or it doesn’t look the way you want it to look, you must be ready for a new kitchen in Dania Beach! When thinking about a new kitchen we understand how stressful it must be to even think about it and that’s why our team at Palmetto Kitchen & Bath Center are here to make this whole process easier on you. Let’s dive right into what you need to have a whole new kitchen and what we can do to make this as smooth as possible! 

All you need to have a new kitchen 

When getting a new kitchen, you should consider the fact that you need new counters, cabinets, and you can’t forget about the floors! When looking for all of these you will be delighted to know that at our store we have it all. Our goal is to make everything as convenient as we can for all of our clients and that’s why we offer everything you need to remodel your kitchen and bathroom. This is where we differentiate ourselves from our competition because we know that it’s a big hassle to visit a million stores to put it all together. Not to mention the mess that will happen working with several companies all at once. Working with us means that you don’t have to worry about a group of strangers working together and getting in each other’s way. All of our professional workers know exactly how to work with each other because we all want to provide the best service possible.  

Let us create the kitchen of your dreams! We can sit down with each other during our consultation and offer you everything we think you would like and draw out exactly what you would like your kitchen to look. We will map out the perfect cabinets, countertops, and floors for your dream kitchen.  

Let us make your dreams come true 

While we can’t make you become a millionaire overnight, we know we can make your kitchen dreams come true. Our team at Palmetto Kitchen & Bath Center will make sure we include you in the whole process so you feel comfortable during each phase. Don’t spend days thinking about the installation process and visiting a million stores to make your dream kitchen when you can call us today! 

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