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Palmetto Kitchen and Bath: Updated Kitchen Remodeling Miami

Now is the perfect time of year to look into updated kitchen remodeling in Miami!  

If you are considering any kitchen or bath improvements renovations or remodels that will update your home for an improved value and quality of life, Palmetto Kitchen and Bath is your one stop remodeling shop in Miami Florida! Palmetto Kitchen and Bath has residents in Miami FL covered for full kitchen and bathroom redesign, renovations and remodeling services, ranging from wall modifications and flooring to cabinets and painting. We are committed to excellence, and provide only the highest quality workmanship with ‘one call does it all’ services for your home remodeling needs.  

Palmetto Kitchen and Bath has a sterling reputation for being one of the best all encompassing interior remodeling companies in Miami. Our impressive team can add instant comfort and style to any room, while applying renovations and remodeling elements that will update, modernize and make your home more convenient, functional and more valuable. 

Is it time to give your Miami kitchen a bit of a 21st century remodel? Our trusted team of experienced kitchen remodeling experts is always looking for things that can be used to customize homes without dating them. When it comes to updated kitchen remodeling, Palmetto Kitchen and Bath likes the flexibility and personalization of the latest trends in kitchen remodels. The 21st century updates to bathroom and kitchen designs are driven by innovations in technology with the desire for comfort, organization and low-maintenance, high value living.  

As homeowners, our temptation is usually to rush the process of kitchen remodeling so we can get our homes back. But if your project gets off to the wrong start and becomes a series of missteps, your experience can become stressful and overwhelming. Or perhaps you have been guided to just go with the lowest cost contractor because that’s whom insurers often look to. Every kitchen remodeling project is different, and getting a quick completion time is often dependent on how well organized a company is. One of the many things that help Palmetto Kitchen and Bath to stand out from the rest is our uncompromising high standards. Part of that means being a company with good planning, and the technological power to connect, organize and protect the properties and belongings of our valued customers.  

Our home is like our sanctuary. It’s the place where we can go to feel safe, secure, and to relax with friends and family. When it comes to your home, whether it’s repairing damage, restoring, improving or renewing with remodeling and renovations, choosing the right company can seem like a daunting task. However, by following our Palmetto Kitchen and Bath best practices design process, we work as advocates for our clients- carefully coordinating every aspect of your updated kitchen remodel making sure that everything is customized to your needs, preferences and design solutions. 

The trend for updated kitchen remodels this year seems to be in several areas:  Mixed materialsVoice-Controlled Technology and compartmentalizing.  Even though most homeowners like to stick to the popular unified materials in the kitchen, lately the requests have been made for plenty of room for creativity. There are so many tile options, including porcelain, natural stone and even ceramic tile, so the trend is to mix and match the size and variety and textures of the stones or tiles. 

If it’s time to give your home a 21st century remodel it may mean it’s time to do updating with Voice-Controlled Technology! Talk to Google Home or Alexa, to do things like adjust the lighting, or open the garage door, and add an extra layer of convenience that is now available for everyone, not just for high-end, luxury households. 

When it comes to kitchen renovations, learning how to compartmentalize is not only good for our mental health it seems, its also a way to stay organized in the kitchen. Most kitchen renovation requests are including more and more columns for refrigerators-separate refrigerator and freezer units are allowing homeowners to reconfigure and customize their kitchens with more or less freezer space or special units for different food groups and even separate wine refrigerators. 

As a full-service kitchen and bath contractor and store, we have been in business over 7 years yet we have a staff of seasoned consultants and contractors who are experts in kitchen and bath renovations. Our passion for the latest home innovations and design trends is evident in every kitchen or bath we remodel. The careful coordination of services means a lot less waste, down time and cost to you.  The jobs will be done right, within budget and on time. Choosing to work with us means taking pride in the most important place you can be in Miami: your home.   

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