North Miami Beach Kitchen Remodeling

Cabinets are singlehandedly the most important part of a kitchen; as they are the first thing visitors see when they enter into your home. The kitchen’s entire vibe can be created solely from the cabinets you decide to use in your new home. If you want to go craftsman, perhaps a white wood is the answer. If you want to go traditional, maybe oak is right for you. Of course, you can also go modern, giving your home a sleek finish.

At Palmetto Kitchen & Bath Center, we custom build contemporary cabinets. This is for those who are looking for a modern style, and want to have cabinets that are specifically tailored to your home. We can customize color, door style, finish, fixtures, molding, and more. For those who want to add in special features, we can do this too. Adding a pull out spice drawer, or power outlets can give your kitchen that feel of something special within each and every cupboard. These efficiently designed cabinetry options can save you space, for those who have a smaller kitchen to work with.

Kitchen Renovations You Will Love!

For many, they are simply looking for a spring remodel to give their kitchens a new look and feel. We have a team of talented remodelers who can transform your old kitchen into an entirely new space, giving it a breath of fresh air. We work with a multitude of materials to give your home that look you’ve been dreaming of. For example, many may want to contemporary, yet love the look of wood finishing’s. We have the perfect mix to make you smile at the end results. As mentioned, we can also optimize for space in smaller kitchens. Besides the pullouts, hidden racks and drawers, we can also build cabinets taller in order to give you plenty of storage space.

No matter what color, finishing, or texture you’re looking for, we have the answers. With professional craftsmen, quality products, and beautiful outcomes, we encourage you to come and see us. We can visit with you to see exactly what you have in mind, replicating your vision directly. We know how much of a difference beautiful cabinets can make, so allow us to show you just how magnificent they can be. If you’re searching for cabinets in North Miami Beach, choose Palmetto Kitchen & Bath Center.

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