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Kitchen with wooden cabinets and a brown backsplash

Kitchen Backsplash Trends

Is the style of your next kitchen backsplash giving you a headache? Sometimes overlooked during kitchen renovations, the backsplash is a key decor element. Whether it is a complete renovation or a simple kitchen makeover, the choice of kitchen backsplash well-matched to your cabinets, counter, and accessories will set the tone and atmosphere of the central room of your home. There is a wide choice, but here’s our list of some of the best kitchen backsplash ideas! 

Kitchen Backsplash Ideas 2022 

The Clear Glass Kitchen Backsplash 

A modern and very trendy material, clear glass makes it possible to obtain an effect of grandeur thanks to its transparent facets, which easily disperse the light under the cabinets. Tinted or not, the glass can feature a pattern at the bottom of each tile backsplash for a textured and original effect. A wide choice of clear glass allows you to choose the one that best suits the style of your kitchen, the type of cabinets, and the arrangement of the windows for optimal lighting. 

Vintage Ceramics 

The subway tile backsplash, extremely trendy, is as versatile as you wish. A wooden cabinet can accompany it for a rustic style, a gold-colored faucet for a vintage look, or a huge sink for a country style. The vintage ceramic tile is not only affordable but can also be combined with a large number of kitchen decors when paired with different grout colors. You can get quotes from professionals in custom kitchens Dania Beach today for it. 

Minimal Style for Trendy Kitchen Backsplash 

We also notice a great return to marble or other natural surfaces, but this time, without joints. To do this, you must choose a slab large enough to cover the entire surface of your kitchen backsplash. 

You can recreate this look for less by using large marble tiles, or even less expensive, porcelain tiles with a pattern reminiscent of marble. 

Timeless Kitchen Backsplash 

To follow this kitchen backsplash trend, opt for the white metro tile. It is, in fact, white porcelain that reminds us of the famous New York subway of the early 1900s. To recreate the look, tiles are installed in a 1\2 staggered pattern, overlapping in the center, and a medium to dark gray grout is chosen. You can also make equally classic variants, like this one, by positioning the tile in a “chevron” pattern. 

Bold, Striking Kitchen Backsplash 

For those who like a bold or striking look, in a renewed vintage style, the big trend for kitchen backsplashes are ceramics with geometric patterns, a bit like wallpaper, where pattern takes precedence over form. 

Angular Backsplash and Irregular Patterns 

A fun and contemporary look awaits you by acquiring a backrest with eccentric shapes and irregular patterns. Hexagonal, octagonal or round in shape, these tiles feature abstract prints for a style that’s as classic as it is modern and are usually paired with sleek cabinetry. 

 Faux Wood Backsplash 

 The presence of wood in the kitchen brings warmth and well-being. Also used for cupboards or counters, wood has retained a place of choice in any trendy decor of recent years. Therefore, the imitation wood backsplash is a must for a contemporary kitchen, thanks to its sober and raw color. 

The Trend Color in 2022: Green 

Yes, green will be popular in 2022! This color, often associated with the environment and ecology, symbolizes well-being and serenity. Dare to go green for the backsplash in your new kitchen! You can go with a mosaic of emerald-colored tiles in symbiosis with the marble-effect quartz countertop and white cabinets! 


Why limit yourself to choosing only one type of ceramic for your kitchen backsplash? Did you think of the combo? Subway tiles and mosaics go together beautifully! For example, you can install the mosaic above the sink and the subway tiles under the kitchen cabinets. This combo is truly irresistible! Another alternative could be installing the ceramic-like bricks under the kitchen cabinets and continuing up to the ceiling with the same tiles in a herringbone pattern. 

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