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Where Can I Find Contemporary Countertops and Fabrication?

When embarking on a kitchen remodel, one thing we know for sure, if you’ve decided to give your countertop a contemporary new look, you can never go wrong with granite. Granite is a beautiful natural stone that is a perfect choice for your kitchen countertop and backsplash. Did you know that they are selected by sellers from quarries and later cut into beautiful stone for use in kitchens and baths and more? These raw, uncut unfinished stones can look almost nothing like the final stone that you purchase for your countertops. Expert countertop fabrication is what transforms your countertops into beautiful surfaces that add complement to your newly remodeled kitchen or bath.  At Palmetto Kitchen & Bath Center, we are here to help you make these important decisions. Because after all, it’s your home and you’ll want to put your personal stamp on it.  We offer the best quartz and granite countertop fabrication in Dania Beach. If you’re looking for the best natural stone surfaces for your home remodeling project, why not check out our fabrication services today. 

We Offer Expert Fabrication for All Your Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Needs 

Expert Countertop fabrication starts with listening to a client’s needs. Our team of expert designers, installers and fabricators at Palmetto Kitchen & Bath Center have years of experience and we are here to guide you towards the best selection to fit your space. Countertop stone slabs can come in a wide array of colors, shapes and sizes. What our countertop fabricators in Dania Beach do is help you select the perfect piece and then cut it to your specifications. We offer quality granite and quartz fabrication services that are always customized to your specifications. This may entail adding specific edges, shapes and designs to your stone to ensure that everything complements your new kitchen or bath remodel.  

After you’ve selected your perfect stone, our countertop fabricator in Dania Beach will get right to work. Here are some of the steps: 

  1. Inspection- our expert craftsmen will check for any cracks or scratches on your chosen stone.   
  2. Design- we’ll check your measurement accuracy before we start cutting your stone slab.   
  3. Cutting- our fabricators will cut your granite or quartz to your specified size or shape.  
  4. Finishing- Certain details are added at this point in the process to personalize your stone. 
  5. Polishing- our expert polishing techniques will leave you with a glistening clean stone slab. 

At Palmetto Kitchen & Bath, we know that fabricating your perfect countertop in Dania Beach is about more than just using the right tools. There is an art to fabricating countertops and adding beautiful details and designs to make it unique. We’ll help you make your home the fabulous space you’ve always wanted it to be. Trust our team to do it all! From expert design and contractor help to fabrication and installation, everything is here in one convenient place to help complete your kitchen or bath remodeling project. We offer unparalleled services and guarantee all of our work. Contact us today and experience the difference at (954) 251-2590. 

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