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The Newest Countertop Trends For 2020

Remodeling a kitchen or bath can be an exciting project, but it can also mean a lot of stress if you don’t know what kinds of countertops and cabinets to choose. The countertop can set the tone of your kitchen or bath, and it can even be the focal point. One of the first things to decide is which countertop material will work best for you and your family, and with so many choices out there, it can seem impossible to narrow it down. Not to worry, because the team at Palmetto Kitchen & Bath Center is here to help you narrow down your choices. Granite, marble, and laminate are popular, but quartz is also a very popular choice among homeowners today because of its beauty and affordability. Quartz comes in many colors, patterns, and finishes that can mimic the look of natural stone. It’s a cost-effective high-end choice that can make your kitchen look stylish and expensive. One of the most current and trending finishes for quartz right now is matte. In 2020, quartz manufacturers will continue to evolve with new options for design and countertop fabrication in Dania Beach and beyond.

Quartz is still on-trend for 2020

When it comes to quartz countertops, there are more pros rather than cons, and that’s why it always gets high marks as one of the most popular countertop materials. The fact that quartz is durable makes it even more appealing. You won’t have to worry about stains because quartz is stain-resistant. No more scrubbing like crazy because all quartz countertops are non-porous, so spills are not an issue. You won’t need to reseal the countertop ever, and that makes it a wise investment. The only con we can see for quartz is that it can discolor over time if directly exposed to sunlight. But that can be said about almost any countertop material available today.

We have a wide variety of options for you to choose from

You won’t need to go to a hundred stores to find the perfect countertop material because here at Palmetto Kitchen & Bath Center, we have so many countertop options for you to choose from, and always sourced from the highest quality distributors in the industry. You can also choose from granite, marble, laminate, concrete, and solid surface countertop materials. At Palmetto Kitchen & Bath Center, we can help you plan the entire design and remodel of your kitchen and bath from start to finish with expert countertop fabrication in Dania Beach. We guarantee your custom kitchen or bathroom will be the envy of the community.

How do I get started?

When you decide which countertop is your favorite and will work best in your home, the team at Palmetto Kitchen & Bath Center will take care of the whole process from start to finish. We measure, fabricate, and install, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. With our seasoned sales and design professionals and countertop fabricators in Dania Beach, we can guarantee you will be happy with your countertops when the job is complete. Give us a call today at (954) 251-2590.



Kitchen Cabinet Trends for 2020

Kitchen cabinet designs may come and go, so if you are a smart, cost-conscious homeowner, you’ll want to choose a kitchen cabinet that will be timeless and last you a lifetime. There are several reasons to consider replacing or refacing your cabinets in 2020. You would be surprised at how much the look of your kitchen can change just by installing new cabinets. It can make your space look like new! When it comes to trendy design for 2020, kitchen cabinetry takes center stage. With all the latest designs available today, finding the perfect kitchen cabinet in Margate has never been easier. Finally, your kitchen cabinets can express the look and feel you have always dreamed of. Searching for the best kitchen cabinets can be difficult when there are so many companies out there offering similar styles and colors. But when it comes to choosing the right cabinet, you do want lots of options. At Palmetto Kitchen & Bath Center, we have the latest styles and colors to choose from. Whether your style is traditional, transitional, contemporary, shabby chic, cottage, farmhouse, or ultra-modern, we have the best options from the best manufacturers in the industry. And when you’re looking for the latest features like hardware and drawer pulls, we have a great selection.

What are some of the newest looks for kitchen cabinets in 2020?

  1. Color – White is still popular, but playing with colors like slate gray, bolder blues, and hunter greens can really add some pop to your kitchen.
  2. Open frame – Kitchen cabinets that display vintage dishes proudly are in! Open shelving lends a more spacious and brighter look to your kitchen with clear glass panels.
  3. Shaker style –this traditional look is making a modern comeback with simpler sleeker lines.
  4. Edgier hardware – Traditional cabinets never go out of style but take on a more modern vibe with edgier hardware choices available today.

If you have decided to look for new kitchen cabinets in Margate, you don’t need to stress out about anything! Rest assured that the knowledgeable team at Palmetto Kitchen & Bath Center will handle everything for you from the beginning to the end of your project. You can count on our team to work with you to make your dream kitchen a reality. Some remodeling companies claim to do it all– design, layout, and installation. But when you hire the skilled designers and contractors at Palmetto Kitchen & Bath—we are making a total commitment to you. We are a one-stop-shop. You don’t need to worry about calling another company to install your cabinets because our team of professionals can do it all, including installation. We design, fabricate, and install your cabinets. You can count on our team to work with you to make your dream kitchen a reality. If you are ready to change your kitchen cabinets or want to discuss some ideas, give us a call today at (954) 251-2590 to see how we can bring your kitchen vision to life.

Great Kitchen Design Starts With the Kitchen Cabinet

One of the first things that come to mind if you are thinking about a kitchen remodel in Dania Beach is choosing the perfect kitchen cabinet. The kitchen cabinets you choose should be a reflection of your style and meet the needs of your family’s lifestyle. For instance, there are many wood hues and designs to choose from to match your style and to make it your own. You can also choose from a range of finishes in wood or laminate in the traditional, modern, farmhouse, industrial styles, and the list goes on. While certain kitchens are more spacious, and others galley or L-shaped, it’s important to remember that each kitchen space can look like new when enhanced with the right accessories and hardware. The shape of your kitchen plays an integral role in the placement of your cabinetry. For example, if you’re looking for glass front doors to display your favorite dishes or kitchen treasures, you’ll want the placement to be prominent so that your guests can view the beauty of these gems upon entering. Your layout will also be influenced by countertops (granite, quartz, marble, or Corian) and flooring (ceramic, porcelain, or hardwood), lighting and hardware. Remember to factor in the placement of everything and allow for plumbing lines and electrical wiring as well.

Tips to creating the perfect kitchen remodel in Dania Beach

If you’re wondering how to best plan your kitchen renovation in Dania Beach, you’ll need to measure your space and then ask your designer some questions about style, color, size, and material durability. Luckily at Palmetto Kitchen & Bath Center, our talented designers are well versed in the latest kitchen design materials and will be happy to advise you on everything so that your kitchen matches your vision. Do you have energetic little ones? Then you’re going to want a kitchen with durable materials that can stand up to dirty fingers and muddy feet. The kitchen designers at Palmetto Kitchen & Bath Center are here to help you determine what kitchen features will best fit with your family’s lifestyle. For example, do you need more storage for pots and pans? Are you looking for deeper storage and more storage room? Do you need a customized island with shelving and storage space? Do you need drawers, doors, or both? What style and finish of pulls will look best with your new cabinets and drawers? The more in tune you are with your kitchen needs, the better we can help you create the perfect one.

Enhance your new kitchen effortlessly

Aside from creating cabinets, countertops, and flooring, Palmetto Kitchen & Bath Center offers unparalleled design and installation services. You can trust our skilled team to do it all! From expert design and contractor help to fabrication and installation, we have decades of experience that will ensure your project is everything you dreamed it would be. Everything you’ll need is here in one convenient place to help complete your kitchen or bath remodeling project successfully. We offer unmatched services and guarantee all of our work. Contact Palmetto Kitchen & Bath Center today and experience the difference with one-stop shopping for all your home renovation needs at (954) 251-2590.

Create the Bath of Your Dreams in Dania Beach

When considering a bathroom remodel in Dania Beach, there are so many details to think about, such as what style cabinetry to choose, what countertop materials, backsplash design, mirrors, tub and shower, flooring, and lighting. There is also a vast array of colors that you can choose from today. You’ll also need to decide on your style—and if you already have that figured out—you’ve got more of a handle of your project than most people. First, there are so many styles to choose from like traditional, rustic farmhouse, shabby chic or contemporary or even beachy cottage. The design should be a reflection of your family’s lifestyle. At Palmetto Kitchen & Bath Center, we can help you design a luxurious bath that will be all that you had hoped for and more in Dania Beach. Our expert design team and contractors will custom tailor a plan that will work for you, and our courteous installers will work with you and consider your family’s comfort throughout the project. At Palmetto Kitchen& Bath Center, we want your bathroom renovation to be everything you dreamed it could be.

What details should I consider when designing my dream bathroom in Dania Beach?

  • Style –  As any designer will tell you, your bathroom is an extension of your home and should be as beautiful and luxurious as it is functional. Choose a freeform soaking tub, contemporary sinks with marble countertops, and white-veined porcelain or marble flooring to add elegance to your new space.
  • Color – Today, darker colors in vanities and on walls are really in and can totally change the look of your bath. Blues, greens and, grays are popular choices when choosing a bathroom vanity. With a selection of wider color choices, we can create a stylish bath that is as dramatic or bold as you want it to be. The fresh new look of your bathroom renovation in Dania Beach is sure to be stunning.
  • Size – Make sure to utilize your space wisely. Whether it is large or small, we can create something perfect for you. Create a Zen-like feel with warm wood or hang a beautiful chandelier to play up high ceilings. If you have a small bath, choose lighter color elements with darker flooring and light-colored walls. Choose one of the popular leaning mirrors instead of the traditional over-the-sink mirror to create a feeling of openness. To create a minimalist look, which is popular today, keep furnishings simple with one or two neutral colors like white, gray, or beige.

If you are ready to begin your bathroom remodel in Dania Beach, call Palmetto Kitchen& Bath Center today. We will ensure that everything works together perfectly to create a stunning look. We offer the latest designs, customization, and plans for every budget! No matter what you’re looking for, we assure you that we will design a beautiful bathroom that suits your lifestyle as well as your budget. Consider Palmetto Kitchen & Bath Center your one-stop kitchen and bath design company. Call us at 954-251-2590 today or visit our showroom and let one of our talented designers help create your dream kitchen.

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Upgrading your bathroom? A few simple budget ideas can refresh and modernize your bathroom design. A bathroom that’s not only stylish but functional can bring you many years of pleasure and comfort. It’s a tricky space to remodel with so many intricate parts crammed in a small area but do it right and not only will you be pleased it will also add value to your home.

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