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Are You Tired of Your Bathroom Vanities in Dania Beach?

Is there one room in particular that gives you slight anxiety or makes you feel claustrophobic? When there is no bathroom space it can really drive anyone crazy and with that in mind, are you tired of your bathroom vanities in Dania Beach? While the bathroom is supposed to be one of the most relaxing rooms in your home, it isn’t and you are forced to remodel your bathroom. Remodeling your bathroom doesn’t have the be complicated when you leave it to our pros at Palmetto Kitchen & Bath Center. Here are some benefits from our pros to help you lean towards getting that remodel you’ve been secretly wanting! 

You will get the space you have been wanting 

No more feeling claustrophobic when you use the bathroom because when we remodel your bathroom we can add all the space you want. New bathroom vanities will allow you to have actual storage to store your things. This also means you won’t open your vanity door to destruction when everything falls out because you had to stuff things. You will actually know what you have with more space! 

You can even enjoy looking at your floor 

Do you have a cracked tile? If you have cracked floor tiles you will be glad to know that we can remodel your whole bathroom floor. You won’t have to look at old and outdated floors with us around. We will do the whole remodel for you from vanities to floors!  

You can have the bathroom of your dreams 

Have you ever caught yourself feeling envious over the bathrooms in your favorite home remodeling show? You will no longer have to feel envious with us around to help you make the bathroom of your dreams!  

Trust the best and forget the rest 

Don’t hire just anybody to make the bathroom of your dreams because the last thing you want is spend a good amount of money into remodeling your bathroom to only have it not last because of poor quality. You should trust seasoned contractors like our team at Palmetto Kitchen & Bath Center because we have done this for years and we only do quality work. You don’t have to get a giant headache just thinking about what it will take to remodel your bathroom when you have us around to help ease all your worries. Call us so we can help you make your bathroom dreams come true to make it your new favorite room in your home! 

Choose the Best Kitchen Designer in Dania Beach

Are you looking to remodel your kitchen? If you are, congratulations! There is nothing more attractive in a home than a newly renovated kitchen. However, you should choose the best kitchen designer in Dania Beach just to make sure you are getting the kitchen of your dreams and not something thrown together. Palmetto Kitchen & Bath are the best hands down and let’s dive into why we are the best! 

We are seasoned experts in our field 

At Palmetto Kitchen & Bath Center, we take great pride in the fact that we are seasoned in what we do which means we have been in our industry long enough to know exactly what people love and how to get it all done in a matter that is convenient for our clients. We work day in and day out with our passion strapped on our back and our expertise in our pockets ready to make our clients’ dream come true with their very own dream kitchen.  

We are a one stop remodeling shop 

Our slogan tells it all. We understand and value our clients’ time because time is a very precious thing and the best way to show out respect is by making our shop a one stop shop to not waste our clients’ time. For all your kitchen needs from cabinets, countertops, and even flooring you can count on us! Time is very important to us because we want you to go back to living your everyday life without having workers in your kitchen for weeks, we want to make it as convenient for you as we can. With our team you can expect quick but quality work! 

The many options we carry will make it worth your while 

At Palmetto Kitchen & Bath Center, we have a wide variety of options from cabinetry, flooring, and countertops. We want to provide our clients with the most options because when it comes to your kitchen or bathroom, it’s not a one-size-fits all kind of thing. Everyone has different taste and that is why we offer a wide variety of options! 

Let’s get started on your dream kitchen today! 

With all that in mind we hope that you give us a call today to start the process and get you into that new kitchen worth showing off for. It will soon become your favorite room in your home! Save yourself time and headaches by working with the very best kitchen designers at Palmetto Kitchen & Bath (954) 251-2590!

Is it Time to Remodel my Kitchen in Dania Beach?

Whether you just moved into your new house or you have lived in your home for years you can’t help but question yourself “is it time to remodel my kitchen in Dania Beach?” Here are some signs that it’s time to remodel your kitchen from the experts at Palmetto Kitchen & Bath Center! 

Your kitchen is too small 

If you have lived in your home for years and managed to make it work you are a trooper but time can take its toll and you may have gotten fed up a couple times! Your kitchen should be your paradise, it’s the place where you make the meals that bring your family together. Your kitchen shouldn’t be stressful because it’s too small. Or maybe you are just moving into a home with a small kitchen, you have two options, live with it until you are fed up or choose to remodel it and get the kitchen of your dreams! 

You want to cover up your floors as much as you can 

Are you constantly finding yourself hiding your kitchen floors? It probably gets super dirty quick and it’s a pain to clean, not to mention it is probably outdated and it doesn’t even match your kitchen style! Here at Palmetto Kitchen & Bath Center, we can fix this problem for you because not only do we provide the very best cabinets and countertops but we can also remodel your floors!  

Your kitchen doesn’t fit your style 

Even if you have lived in your home for years and loved the way it looked at first but your taste has changed throughout the years or you just moved in and already know your kitchen isn’t your style then it’s time to update it! Your kitchen should be an expression of your personal style.  

Your kitchen cabinet walls are soft and you have no cabinet space 

If your kitchen cabinet walls are soft it means that it has moisture and it may be building mold which can result In a health problem. Not only are they soft but you have no cabinet space, it’s definitely time for new kitchen cabinets!  

For all your kitchen remodeling needs work with the very best! 

Our team at Palmetto Kitchen & Bath Center have everything you need when it comes to remodeling your kitchen in Dania Beach. You don’t have to go to three or four different places to fully remodel your kitchen when we are here. We are a one-stop-shop who carry everything you need to make your kitchen your dream kitchen. Don’t put it off any longer these are good signs that it’s time to remodel plus you deserve it! Give us a call today (954) 251-2590

I Need the Best Kitchen Designer in Dania Beach

Renovating you kitchen can be a huge undertaking, and doing it alone could take anywhere from a couple months to over a year! Instead of struggling on your own, see the expert designers and contractors at Palmetto Kitchen & Bath Center! Our experienced team of designers have worked with a variety of kitchen spaces, and can help you achieve the kitchen of your dreams! At Palmetto Kitchen & Bath Center we offer a variety of remodeling options for your kitchen renovation in Dania Beach, from customized cabinets to countertops, it’s no wonder our clients say we’re the best!

Why Redesign my Kitchen in Dania Beach?

Our designers can work with you through every step of the design process, down to the last detail, so you can have a truly unique and custom kitchen in Dania Beach. Check out these top kitchen renovation trends that our designers are loving this year for some inspiration:

  1. Dark Floors
    We love the look of dark floors, especially if you’re working with a lighter color pallet. Dark flooring is a great way to add contrast to your kitchen and make your custom cabinets stand out!
  2. Black Appliances
    While stainless steel is great for larger kitchens, in small spaces their appearance is often overpowering. If you have a smaller kitchen space, open up the space with black appliances.
  3. All White
    Forever a classic, the all-white kitchen look is one of our favorites! We particularly adore kitchens with white custom cabinetry and marble countertops. Classy and elegant!
  4. Two-Toned Kitchen
    One of our favorite upcoming kitchen trends this year, two-toned kitchens, have been predominantly featuring dark ebony and white color palettes. Get creative with this trendy look and play around with different color combos to see what sticks!
  5. Islands
    The best thing about remodeling your kitchen is that you can add awesome new features. Even if they weren’t apart of the original design, like an island, we can still do it! We love the look and utility islands provide to a kitchen, plus you can completely customize them to whatever size space you have.

If you’re looking for the best kitchen contractors to customize and design your kitchen, visit the professionals at Palmetto Kitchen & Bath Center! Take the stress out of your kitchen renovation in Dania Beach. Speak with one of our experienced kitchen designers today at (954) 251-2590.


Why you Should Hire the best Designers in Dania Beach to Remodel your Bathroom?

Remodeling any room in your home can be a fun as it is challenging, but if you’re trying to remodel your bathroom on your own you may find it more difficult than you expect. That’s why you need the expert designers at Palmetto Kitchen & Bath to help make your dream bathroom become a reality! We can work with all types of budgets and styles to create a look that is complete unique to you. At Palmetto Kitchen & Bath we offer the best remodeling service in Dania beach and can handle all of your remodeling and design needs.

Getting the aid from a professional to help remodel and design your bathroom has an array of benefits you may not have even thought of, check out these top 3 reason why you should hire the best bathroom remodelers in Dania Beach today:

1. Time
When you employ the skills of our experienced staff at Palmetto Kitchen & Bath Center you’ll save valuable design time which means you can expect to start remodeling your bathroom 10x faster than you would trying to do it by yourself.

2. Expertise
With years of experience, our designers and remodeling team offer a professional insight that will help you achieve your design goals, while also making sure you get maximize function out of your bathroom space without going over budget.  Plus, our licensed and experience contractors ensure you’ll be treated with the utmost level of professionalism.
Finding the perfect bathroom vanity, tile flooring, or other remodeling items doesn’t have to be an endless search. Palmetto Kitchen & Bath Centers offers one of the largest selections of bathroom vanities in Dania Beach, plus everything you need to complete your project from start to finish!

Looking to remodel your kitchen? Advice from the Best Contractors in Dania Beach

Your kitchen remodeling project can seem like a daunting task from design choices to demolition, the whole process can feel overwhelming. Luckily, Palmetto Kitchen & Bath center in Dania Beach is here to cover all of your remolding needs, so you can go about your kitchen renovations stress-free. Our remodeling specialists work with you to construct your dream kitchen, and our licensed contractors make it a reality. If you’re thinking about renovating your kitchen, check out these great tips before you hire a contractor in Dania Beach:

1. Understand your space
When it comes to renovations remember to keep in mind the physical space your working with. Depending on how large or small the area is, is going to impact the extent of your design. Don’t worry though! Our design specialist and licensed contractors are experts in customizing kitchens for a variety of room sizes.

2. Do your research
We’ve all heard horror stories of unlicensed contractors causing damage to homes, leaving projects unfinished, and overcharging. At Palmetto Kitchen & Bath center we pride ourselves on exceptional design and service, it’s no wonder we’re the fasting growing licensed contractor in Dania Beach! Plus, we are insured contractors, so you don’t ever need to worry about getting blamed for damages like you do with the other guys.

3. Brainstorm before

Although our kitchen remodeling specialists are here to help guide the design process, we want to hear from you! After all, it is our goal to make your dream kitchen so the more details and ideas you can share with us the better! If you’re looking for some inspiration scroll through our gallery to see some great kitchen renovations.

At Palmetto Kitchen & Bath center, we offer beautiful custom kitchens and renovations for all budget types. So whether you’re looking to remodel your cabinetry, countertops, or floors our licensed specialist are here to help you through every step of the process. If you’re interested in renovating your kitchen or remodeling your bathroom, call us today at (954) 251-2590 to get a free consultation!

Who Are the Best Kitchen Contractors in Dania Beach?

If you want a properly designed and installed kitchen, it would benefit you to hire a kitchen contractor in Dania Beach. At Palmetto Kitchen and Bath Center, we are your one stop shop for both kitchen and bathroom renovation. We provide you with quality products and services all the way through your entire budget. There are many benefits to using kitchen contractors when remodeling your home, below are a few specific reasons:

  • We can manage the project for you. You tell us what you want and when you want it finished by. We will be there to make sure your kitchen remodel is on time and on budget. We know our clients are busy and don’t have time to oversee our every action. But we make it a priority to stay in contact throughout the entire process so you know every move we make.
  • We are a licensed contractor who provide expert work. By working with contractors that aren’t licensed, you are putting your time, money, and kitchen in the hands of an amateur. We have rules and regulations that we follow to make sure your kitchen is quality.
  • We are insured contractors which means you cannot be blamed or held accountable if there is any damage. It is never smart to hire a contractor that doesn’t have the proper insurance. With insurance, you can be sure that they will work carefully and accurately to finish the job.

There are many traits to look for in a kitchen contractor in Dania Beach, and Palmetto Kitchen & Bath Center has them all. Call us now at (954) 251-2590 to get your free consultation today. Our kitchen remodeling specialists will provide you with the renovations you have always wanted. Get the job done right with Palmetto Kitchen and Bath Center!

How to Upgrade Bathroom Vanities in Dania Beach

At Palmetto Kitchen & Bath Center, we know that there are two rooms where it’s important to have the best designs- the kitchen and the bath. We’re also happy to offer design services for both of these rooms! Our experts can help transform your bathroom spaces with the best bathroom vanities in Dania Beach. If you’re ready for a bathroom vanity design that combines style and storage, call on our experts at Palmetto Kitchen & Bath Center!

What features should I choose for bathroom vanities in Dania Beach?

When designing bathroom vanities in Dania Beach, it’s important to choose the right features. At Palmetto Kitchen & Bath Center, we know the right bathroom vanities in Dania Beach include features such as:

  • Timeless Designs
  • Durable Countertops
  • Unique Storage
  • Stylish Sinks
  • Mirrors
  • Fancy Faucets
  • & More

At Palmetto Kitchen & Bath Center, we’re proud to create custom bathroom vanities in Dania Beach that incorporate these features and more. Whether you’re looking for a new vanity for a half bath or you’d like an elegant double sink vanity for your master bathroom, we can create your perfect fit.

For our designers at Palmetto Kitchen & Bath Center, bathroom vanities in Dania Beach are more than just a storage solution for your bathroom, they’re also a source of great style and design. The right vanity can create the perfect look in your bath. Whether it’s a classic, contemporary, modern or timeless; we can achieve the look you a going for.

How else can I improve my bathroom?

In addition to designing and installing the best bathroom vanities in Dania Beach, our experts at Palmetto Kitchen & Bath Center can assist with other aspects of your bathroom design. As one of the most trusted flooring stores in Dania Beach, we offer unique features to complete your bathroom design. This can include new flooring, showers and tubs.

How can I get started?

Are you ready to step up the design of your bathroom? At Palmetto Kitchen & Bath Center, we’re here to help. Give us a call today at (954) 251-2590 to get started on your new bathroom design. You need the best experts to design and install your new bathroom features. Our team is here to help! From flooring to fixtures and bathroom vanities in Dania Beach, we have you covered!

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Upgrading your bathroom? A few simple budget ideas can refresh and modernize your bathroom design. A bathroom that’s not only stylish but functional can bring you many years of pleasure and comfort. It’s a tricky space to remodel with so many intricate parts crammed in a small area but do it right and not only will you be pleased it will also add value to your home.

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