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7 Important Tips to Remember When Remodeling Your Kitchen

Some say the kitchen is the most important room in the house. Whether that’s true for you or not, it’s still important to have a beautifully renovated kitchen. When you’re entertaining guests and throwing lavish parties, you don’t want people seeing your outdated kitchen, circa early 2000. 

If it’s time for an upgrade, contact Palmetto Kitchen and Bath Center for your kitchen remodeling in Miami. If this is your first foray into the world of kitchen remodeling, here are a few tips you’ll want to know before diving in headfirst.

Make a budget.

You probably already know this, but kitchen remodeling is perhaps the most expensive renovation in your home. As a result, the first thing to do is create a budget and try to stick with it. If you don’t, you may overshoot your budget by thousands. Renovations should be exciting endeavors – going over your budget will only cause insurmountable stress.

Know who’s in your kitchen.

Does your kitchen often see soirees and entertained large crowds of colleagues, extended family members, and close friends?

Or do you mostly entertain your spouse and children? 

It helps to imagine what your kitchen needs to create the ideal atmosphere. If you’re undecided about your needs for kitchen remodeling in Miami, contact us for a consultation. It helps to speak with a professional to gain insight on how to recreate your space.

Paint, don’t replace your cabinets.

If you’re skimping and saving where necessary, here’s a useful tip for kitchen remodeling in Miami: paint your cabinets. 

If you like the location and function of your cabinetry, simply repaint them. Replacing cabinetry can quickly eat into your renovation budget, so a paint job with a high-quality finish can make a huge difference.

Consider kitchen countertop materials. 

Choosing your kitchen countertop is a big decision. Marble is a coveted countertop, but not within everyone’s budget. Instead, you may opt for quartz or granite. If you don’t know where to begin, some of the most popular materials are:

  • Polished Granite
  • Wood
  • Marble
  • Honed Granite
  • Stainless Steel
  • Glass
  • Recycled Materials
  • Concrete

Kitchen remodeling in Miami comes with many big decisions. If you need assistance, our professionals passionately keep up with design trends and can assist you wherever you falter in your renovation needs.

Spend more on your faucet.

It’s well known that the faucet is one of the hardest working mechanisms in your kitchen. So, while it’s good to pinch pennies, we recommend buying a high-quality faucet from a well-known and respected brand. Even purchasing mid-range faucets is better than the lower end. That means you may spend around $500 and upwards on a faucet. But again, it’s a worthwhile investment.

When choosing a sink to go with your faucet, remember that double bowl sinks may seem old-fashioned, but they’re convenient. Also, make sure your sink is high off the ground, so you don’t have to stoop and hurt your back when washing dishes.

Have fun with your backsplash. 

Our recommendation is not to choose what’s “in” but choose what fits your kitchen aesthetics and personality. 

Adding a backsplash is a great way to have fun with your kitchen renovation. You can bring out your personality in this little detail or add an element to make your kitchen pop. 

Some fun ideas are subway style, natural stone, brick, and mirror.  Again, make sure it keeps in line with the rest of your kitchen aesthetics and that it’s a design you want to look at for years to come.

Don’t forget the humdrum details.

Kitchen remodeling in Miami can be fun, but don’t forget the boring details because they really matter. For example:

  • Consider how many outlets you may need
  • Plan for proper ventilation
  • Carefully consider light switch placement

There’s a lot to remember so, naturally, a lot to forget. Don’t worry, our team will be there to assist you every step of the way. You’re in charge, but our professionals will ensure all your bases are covered.

Contact Palmetto Kitchen and Bath Center.We are committed to helping you plan and design your ideal kitchen. Our professionals will be respectful of (and work within) your budget. We’re also available to guide you into finding the perfect balance between style and affordability. If you’re ready, contact us to get started.

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